1. The board of Directors of this company regards the promotion of Health and Safety measures as a mutual objective for management and employees at all levels.

2. It is therefore this company’s policy to do all that is reasonable to prevent personal injury and damage to property and protect everyone from foreseeable work hazards including the public insofar as they come into contact with the Company or its products.

3. In particular this Company has responsibility :
» To provide and maintain safe and health working conditions taking account of statutory requirements.
» To provide training and instruction to enable employees to perform their work efficiently.
» To make available all necessary safety devices and protective equipment and supervise their use.
» To maintain a constant and continuing interest in health and safety matters applicable to the Company’s activities, in particular, by consulting and involving employees or their representatives wherever possible.

4. Employees have a duty to cooperate in the operation of this policy:
» by working safely and efficiently.
» by using the protective equipment provided, and by meeting statutory obligations.
» by reporting incidents that have led or may lead to injury damage.
» by adhering to Company procedures, jointly agreed on their behalf, for securing a safe work place.
» by assisting in the investigation of accidents with the object of introducing measures to prevent a recurrence.

5. The senior SABARI ENGINEERING CONTRACTORS manager at each location is fully responsible for maintaining safety and healthy working conditions and for making the necessary arrangements within the framework of general policy.

6. The Company Safety Manager will ensure that the policy will kept up to date, particularly as the business changes in nature and size. To ensure this, the policy and the way in which it has been operated will be reviewed each year.